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Support General Aviation in Illinois by Joining the
Illinois Pilots Association!

Our Purpose
What We Do
How We Got Started
Why Join the IPA?
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What is the purpose of the Illinois Pilots Association?

The IPA is an active and progressive statewide organization which represents all Illinois pilots.
Information, Proficiency, and Activities are all central to the function of the IPA.

What does the IPA do?
The Illinois Pilots Association:

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Why should I join the Illinois Pilots Association?
Grassroots efforts to support general aviation in Illinois are absolutely vital to its growth! Your membership in the Illinois Pilots Association enables you to stay abreast of all legislation affecting general aviation in the state of Illinois, and gives you a voice in the future direction of Illinois general aviation. You will receive a regular publication, America's Flyways, which contains the IPA newsletter, and various other mailings regarding recreational and social activities in Illinois.
Your membership in the IPA also means that you will have a direct conduit to your IPA Board of Directors, so that you can alert them to aviation-related issues in your area, thereby enabling them to prepare an appropriate, timely, and effective response. And, of course, IPA pilots have just plain fun together, with fly-in family-centered social events, fundraisers for aviation scholarships, and many other opportunities for fellowship with other Illinois pilots. See the IPA Calendar of Events.

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How is the IPA organized?
The Illinois Pilots Association is composed of five local Illinois chapters and the Members-at-Large:

GWY Gateway Belleville
I-A Illini-Area Champaign-Urbana
N-E Northeast Chicago/Northeast Suburbs
S-S South Suburban Chicago/Southern Suburbs
SPI Springfield Springfield
MAL Members-At-Large Other areas of Illinois

Illini-Area (I-A) Chapter Springfield Chapter Gateway Chapter South Suburban (S-S) Chapter North East Pilots Association (NEPA) Chapter

The IPA Board of Directors is elected from the membership, with one-third of the members rotating off each June. All chapters and the Members-At-Large are represented, and the Board meets monthly to discuss aviation issues. The Board consists of eighteen elected members, as well as the Chapter Presidents, the current President, and the Past Presidents in good standing.

The Board encourages and welcomes all IPA members to attend the Board meetings, which are usually held on the first Sunday of each month at 1:00 p.m. The monthly IPA newletter, now published in America's Flyways magazine, announces the location of each meeting, as does the IPA Calendar of Events.

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What do chapters do?
Chapters have monthly meetings to do some hangar flying, to receive information regarding activities, legislation, and other matters affecting Illinois aviation both locally and on the state level, and have guest speakers and sponsor various events and activities.

If you live in an area of Illinois that does not have a chapter, you are invited to join as a Member-At-Large.

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How did the IPA get started?
The Illinois Pilots Association was organized in June 1977 by the late Elmer J. Medlin, a Carbondale attorney, with the help of several members of the Missouri Pilots Association.

In August 1977, the first meeting was held in Springfield, and about fifty pilots became members and adopted the IPA Constitution and Bylaws.

The first general membership meeting and convention was held in Rockton in 1978, and subsequent annual meetings have been held in various Illinois locations.

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How can I join the Illinois Pilots Association?

First, decide if you will be joining as a Member-at-Large or as a chapter member.

If you will be a Member-at-Large, send your membership application and your (pro-rated, if new, or full, if returning) annual dues to cover from this quarter through June 30 of the following year to:

Illinois Pilots Association
P.O. Box 481
Savoy, IL 61874

OR you may pay the state and chapter dues directly to the treasurer of the IPA chapter of your choice, by mail or at a chapter meeting. See the chapter contact information.

IMPORTANT: Please indicate your chapter preference, if applicable, and include any applicable chapter dues. You will need to contact the chapter of your choice to determine the total amount.

Categories and full annual STATE rates are as follows:

Single Membership or Family Membership, full year and returning members: $24.00
Are you a new member?

You may get a break on state dues depending upon when you join.
If you join in July through September, you pay the full $24.
If you join in October through December, you pay $18.
If you join in January through March, you pay $12.
If you join in April through June, you pay $6.

Are you a returning member?

Returning members are asked to pay the full $24 state dues regardless of the renewal month. Thank you!
Chapter Dues varies; chapter membership is recommended but not required to join the IPA.
Lifetime Membership $500.00

Please make your check payable to IPA.
Electronic payments are not yet enabled.
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Click here for a printer-friendly application for membership.

The application form for IPA membership is also available in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf). If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free.

Click here for a membership application in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

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